The Sea Kingdom is a sacred place in the water. The Sea Kingdom was supposedly built by Posidon, the greek god of the ocean. The Sea Kingdom is full of merfolk, naiads, and other ocean dwellers.

Posidon originally built it for the merfolk, then they expanded it. They let in all the fish and naiads and other stuff in and they soon had a populated area of ocean dwellers. It was like modern day New York down there. They had problems though. A group of merfolk were unhappy with their populated area. Everyone told them they were crazy, and they said, "You doubt too much. Calm down ya 'Bagman Joes'!" Why they called them that we don't know. That made them even more mad at the comunitee, so one day they started stealing from inoccent people in the kingdom. After a while, they were exiled. But they still remain.

The Counsil of Merfolk have ruled the Sea Kingdom for over 100 billion decades. They have been the same people since 1845.