The Cat of Destiny is a very cool cat. Every person who meets the Cat of Destiny is lucky. There is a very famous Cat of Destiny who is missing at the moment. The Weekly Star are on the story.

The Cat of Destiny will ask you five questions when you meet it. He/She will then deside whether you are capable of handling the responsiblity of the wishes.

The first question is "Can you spend money on something that isn't selfish?" If you can't, you get teleported to your home. The second question, "Can you feel affection?" If you fail, you are forced to go on a rickety boat for a day. The third, "Can you forgive?" If not, you will be sent back in time. The fourth, "Can you like something?" If not, you will be forced to do what you dislike for etrinty. The fifth,"Can you hold me?" A magical aura holds you back, but if you fail, you will be sent to the land of sheep.