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The Cat of Destiny Missing After Death Of Relative!

The Cat of Destiny is a very rare breed of cats. A very famous Cat of Destiny went missing along with several possessions last week after one of it's fellow cats were poisoned. The bystanders reported blood, knifes and fur.

We have reason to believe that it was killed. The prime suspect is The Bagman Joe's from The Sea Kingdom. Are The Bagman Joe's thiefs and maybe even murderers? Here's a picture of the criminals.

Facts on Criminals
Age: Around 20
Race: Merfolk
Name: The Bagman Joes
Value: $100 million

Another News story website are looking at the case. Daily Adventure News don't know as much as us. What they know is that a famous cat has been stolen.

Normal people would honestly cry about losing their cat, then get over it after a few days. We will grief for eternity over our loss. Yet, there is still hope that it thrives. The authoritys actually sent people to the Sea Kingdom, not knowing that the Bagman Joes were actually waiting for them. Will the cat be found? Or will the cat be gone forever? Find out next time! Thank you.

Dogs Cause Chaos In Los Angelos Due To The Cat Crime!
"The dogs came out of nowhere!" says an innocent local who was driving down a road north to the stampeed of dogs. "When they hit me, I thought of grabing one and taking it home. When I actually saw them, they looked like murderers." And they were. Tens of thousands of people were injured and five died. "Devastation." says Gema Gateka, headmaster of LA Montessori School. "I held a meeting with the school and discussed the curent situation. We did a clean up, and it made a difference!" It may have made a difference in their area, but the rest of LA is still in disarry. Will the goverment actually help the situation? Find out next time.

The Local Zoo Gets A Makeover!

The Nolava Zoo in St. Thomas has definitly gotten a makeover! This morning, the zoo keepers at Nolava Zoo came to work. Everything looked normal, until they got inside the gate.

Heather was there while they toured the zoo that fateful morning. "It was great, yet horrible." She recalled. "I was breathless. It was great artwork of animals. How was that vandalisim? It was more like a makeover for the plain zoo." Well, they got just that. It was as if she had done it herself! Or had she? Find out next time!

Written and Illisturated by Emma Walters.